[Pdns-users] pdnsutil load-zone and ALIAS records

Thomas Plant thomas at plant.systems
Wed May 15 13:51:15 UTC 2019

Hello all,

I've seen that when an ALIAS record is loaded from a file via 'pdnsutil
load-zone' it leaves the dot at the end intact.
Shouldn'it be removed?

Here is an example of a DNS zone file I import:

; Zone file for "testzone.com" exported from Simple DNS Plus at
19.11.2018 10:53:44
$TTL 10800
@               IN SOA  ( ns1.provider.com. ; Primary DNS server
                          domain.provider.com. ; Responsible person
                          2018110204   ; Serial number
                          10800        ; Refresh
                          3600         ; Retry
                          777600       ; Expire
                          3600       ) ; Minimum TTL
                NS      ns3.provider.com.
                NS      ns1.provider.com.
                NS      ns2.provider.com.
                MX      5 mx2.provider.com.
                MX      5 mx1.provider.com.
                ALIAS    cms.example.cloud.
autodiscover            CNAME   email.provider.com.
www             CNAME   cms.example.cloud.


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