[Pdns-users] Azure?

Ryan Finnesey ryan at finnesey.com
Sat May 11 21:09:47 UTC 2019

Hi Pekka

Can I ask why you have selected CentOS?  I am going to use MySQL or maybe MariaDB as the backend.  The open question right now is do we install the backend and manage it  or do we use the PaaS offering for MySQL and or MariaDB from Microsoft. 


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We are running (authorative) PowerDNS (v4.1.x series) on Azure on CentOS 7.6, as public DNS server.

It was using ODBC to MSSQL, but with problems. Lot's of DB connection got stuck(/or something weird) and DNSSEC problems, maybe related to DB problems.

So I recently switched PDNS to use local MariaDB, and since that no problems.

So my 2cent is, don’t use ODBC backend, MySQL backend works way better.

 Pekka Panula

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Is there anyone within the group that has deployed Power DNS on Azure?  I am looking for some general feedback.  I am looking at using Power DNS for a registry and was hoping to host within Azure.


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