[Pdns-users] Pdns 4.2 install and config issues

Nico CARTRON nicolas at ncartron.org
Fri May 3 16:00:16 UTC 2019

Hi Bryan,

On 03-May-2019 17:21 CEST, <Bryan at bryanfields.net> wrote:

> Is this the right list for reporting an issue?  If there's a better place
> please let me know.
> I am on ubuntu 18, and running the mariadb/mysql backend.  I've used the repos
> per the http://repo.powerdns.com/ setup.
> During the install there is no typical script to provision the database, this
> must be done manually.  The 4.1 version has this working, and admittedly this
> may be the packagers issue.


> I've run into an issue with the slave's not working for AFXR, and then found
> superslave=yes must be set in the config new for 4.2.  However, with this set
> the server will not start with the error below:
> Fatal error: Trying to set unknown parameter 'superslave'
> I couldn't figure this out, so have rolled back to 4.1.  I'm willing to do
> some testing or provide some logs if needed.

you're right, "superslave" doesn't work today.

This will work with the final version of 4.2, and probably 4.0.2-rc2.
For 4.0.2-rc1, you need to use "supermaster"

We changed the setting name to make it easier/more obvious, but only realised it
once -rc1 had been released.

So, the documentation [1] is correct for 4.0.2-rc2 and ownward.
And this is also listed in the "Upgrade" notes [2].

[1] https://doc.powerdns.com/authoritative/settings.html#superslave
[2] https://doc.powerdns.com/authoritative/upgrading.html



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