[Pdns-users] synthesis forward and reverse records

Ambauen Daniel (ID NET) daniel.ambauen at id.ethz.ch
Fri Mar 15 11:17:17 UTC 2019

Dear list

I’m looking for a possibility to synthesis reverse and forward records.
If a PTR record dosen’t exists, pdns should synthesis the missing one. 

An example: 300	IN PTR network-192-168-010-011.fwd-v4.mydomain.com
network-192-168-010-011.fwd-v4.mydomain.com. 300 IN A

Dose the pdns DNSSEC Online Signing feature support a combination with static and dynamic zone content.
As far as I see Knot DNS could do the trick. 

Im right at the beginning of my investigations. 
Has anyone already set up such a system? 

We have an average of 1k PTR request per second.
Unfortunately, at the moment I can't tell you how many of these you need to synthesize.

Kind regards

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