[Pdns-users] Debugging SERVFAIL

Martin Kellermann kellermann at sk-datentechnik.com
Tue Mar 12 11:27:11 UTC 2019


pdns auth server 4.1.6 with postgresql backend

i'm facing the fact, that from time to time the servfail-packets counter increases, and i don't know, why.
https://doc.powerdns.com/authoritative/performance.html#servfail-packets tells me, that this is due to a database problem.
https://doc.powerdns.com/authoritative/performance.html#ring-buffers tells me that the servfail-queries ring-buffer shows which queries have been causing servfails.
but when i look at this ring-buffer (server:8081/?ring=servfail-queries) there are no entries - it's empty.

can someone please explain, what am i missing or not understanding correctly?
the amount of servfail packets is really low - 14 servfail on 2 mio queries, but it is really annoing, since i don't know, what's going on...
how can i debug, what query causes a servfail?

Thanks in advance.


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