[Pdns-users] specfic problem with efax.com

Mike mike+lists at yourtownonline.com
Thu Jun 20 14:01:24 UTC 2019

On 6/19/19 11:45 PM, Otto Moerbeek wrote:
> Please always specify version and platform you are running.
> That said, both https://dnssec-analyzer.verisignlabs.com/efax.com and
> https://dnssec-analyzer.verisignlabs.com/ report DNSSEc problems with
> this domain.

Ugh, my bad for failing to post my software version, sorry I'll do that
next time.

I think you got it - the AA bit isn't set, so they are going to be
failing lots of places. I noticed however that googledns didn't seem to
have a problem with it. Wondering if this 'relaxed functionality' is
just suicidal on google's part or perhaps a future enhancement possibility?

Thanks all for the response.


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