[Pdns-users] reverse zone /27 subnet - migrating from bind

Martin Kellermann kellermann at sk-datentechnik.com
Fri Jan 25 08:33:02 UTC 2019

hi Andy,

>By way of example, I (in the ISP role) delegate to
>an end user by putting the equivalent of:
>118-32  NS      ns1.abominable.org.uk.
>118-32  NS      ns2.abominable.org.uk.
>118     CNAME   118.118-
>into the zone 82.119.85.in-addr.arpa. So they have been delegated
>the zone "118-". In their zone they
>(apparently) have put the equivalent of:
>118 PTR diablo.404.cx.

but that doesnt work with powerdns on client side, at least for me.
taking your example with /31 instead of /32, the client zone would be named 
"118-" and contains
 118 PTR diablo.404.cx. 
 119 PTR xyz.404.cx.
unfortunately, this does not work with powerdns. setting up such a zone and doing a
dig [client powerdns IP] gives a "Host not found: 5(REFUSED)"
when renaming the zone to "82.119.85.in-addr.arpa" it works - obviously.
but this can't be correct. since the client server will give wrong answers for and
sorry, i really can't see, what i am missing.



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