[Pdns-users] Disabling DNSUPDATE for *some* zones?

Klaus Darilion klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at
Tue Jan 22 18:47:05 UTC 2019

Sounds like allow-unsigned-update,
similar to 
would be needed


Am 02.01.2019 um 02:15 schrieb Kevin P. Fleming:
> I've got PowerDNS Auth happily running and serving a number of domains
> (primary and two secondaries, NOTIFY/AXFR, IPv6, etc.).
> I've enabled DNSUPDATE so that I can do Let's Encrypt DNS-01
> challenges for certificate issuance, and I use a TSIG key for the
> update requests. When setting up a cert for a new domain recently, I
> failed to set the domain metadata to indicate that the TSIG key would
> be required, and PowerDNS accepted the DNSUPDATE anyway (and emitted a
> log message to that effect).
> I don't want this behavior, I want to disable DNSUPDATE for all
> domains which don't have a TSIG key set in their metadata. The only
> way I can see to do this would be to set ALLOW-DNSUPDATE-FROM at the
> domain level to an invalid address, so that all requests will fail,
> but I also have this set in the main configuration which might not be
> overridden by the domain metadata.
> Is there another way to disable DNSUPDATE at the domain level?
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