[Pdns-users] sassc.home.pl treated as DNSSec signed by pdns recursor 4.1.8, but isn't

Thomas Mieslinger miesi at india.com
Mon Feb 25 22:27:44 UTC 2019


I have pdns_recusor 4.1.8 querying sassc.home.pl and it is marked as 
bogus sometimes. Please review the trace-regex output here [1]. It is 
some 80kB, so I can not attach it.

Neither home.pl or sassc.home.pl are dnssec signed.

So the log line

pdns_recursor[8261]: Feb 25 22:31:08 [40966] : got status Secure for 
name sassc.home.pl (from pl)

is a mystery to me.

Reading through the notes for recursor releases 4.1.9, 4.1.10 and 4.1.11 
I only see #7397 which has something to do with dnssec, but I don't 
think it is relevant for this case.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot for your time and passion.

Best regards Thomas

[1] https://www.dropbox.com/s/aup2stdp1ll57te/trace-regex-sassc.home.pl?dl=0

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