[Pdns-users] How to notify non-PowerDNS anycast servers

Cristian Seres cseres at iki.fi
Wed Dec 11 15:07:32 UTC 2019


I have three PowerDNS 4.1 authoritative servers in native mode using the 
MariaDB replication. The Finnish Transport and Communication Agency is 
now providing a free-of-charge anycast for .fi domains and there is a 
requirement that their hidden DNS servers should be notified with 

What is the correct way to enable notification for a list of external 
hidden DNS servers if PowerDNS is currently using native mode? I have 
already set also-notify to the required IP addresses and I also set

only-notify= #an empty value to prevent notify except also-notify

which, I understand, disables notifying my PowerDNS servers which are 
listed in NS records.

Is it a correct and recommended way to set


on all PowerDNS servers and change the type from NATIVE to MASTER in all 
zones which I want to notify external DNS servers, or is there some 
other way to ask PowerDNS to notify specific DNS servers without 
enabling master mode? Are there any side effects of changing the mode?

AXFR part of the anycast configuration I have already managed to set 
with TSIG keys which seem to work perfectly.

With best regards,

Cristian Seres

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