[Pdns-users] domainmetadata caching question

Klaus Darilion klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at
Fri Dec 6 10:42:28 UTC 2019

Hi all!

I just recently found the "domain-metadata-cache-ttl" option. Reviewing
the code it seems that this cache is only used for DNSSEC related data
during handling of incoming queries. Is this correct? (it should be
added to the docs).

Further I wonder if it may be useful to change the metadata loading. As
far as I see, every request to a metadata triggers a database query.
Hence, if 3 metadatas are querried, we have 3 DB lookups, and DB lookups
are usually the slowest part in the whole answering process (at least
with SQL DBs).

Hence, wouldn't it make sense to load all metadata of a domain from DB
on the first request for a metadata of this domain, and then cache it,
or at least cache it while handling this incoming query?


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