[Pdns-users] Analysis sometimes succeeds sometimes unsuccessful

Brian Candler b.candler at pobox.com
Thu Aug 22 08:21:14 UTC 2019

On 22/08/2019 09:10, 姜伯洋 wrote:
> When the parsing fails, it’s like this But if there are a total of ten 
> resolutions, there may be 3-4 failures.
> user.test.com This domain name is the internal domain name. I 
> specified that if it is the resolution of the internal domain name, it 
> will go to my internal authoritative server.

Therefore: show your pdns-recursor configuration.  Are you using 
"forward-zones" or "forward-zones-files" perhaps? What have you put in 
the them?  Are you forwarding to a single authoritative server, or to 

Then: what authoritative server are you using? How is it configured it 
for this zone?

Show the "dig" output from:

- a successful lookup from pdns-recursor (you only showed an empty one)

- direct dig to the authoritative server.  What happens if you repeat 
it?  Do you get the same answers, or different ones? What's the TTL 

It's possible that the authoritative server(s) are not returning 
consistent answers, and are returning them with a very low TTL. But this 
sort of thing is very hard to diagnose without seeing actual 
configurations, actual dig output and/or actual packet captures.

Please read the support statement I linked to before.  If you're not 
prepared to post the actual domain you're using, then reproduce the 
problem with another domain: for example, create the actual domain 
"example.com" on your authoritative nameserver and configure forwarding 
to it from your recursor.  Then you can post real dig output and packet 
captures without having to mangle them.

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