[Pdns-users] problem with 4.1.0 recursion removed

Juha Heinanen jh at tutpro.com
Sat Aug 10 06:24:44 UTC 2019

I have been using 4.0.x pdns/recursor setup to serve DNS records of
phone numbers.  For example, a domain name in records table could be  Phone numbers can be random, i.e.,
they don't necessarily share a common prefix.  The records are
added/removed dynamically when phone numbers are allocated/released.

My usage corresponds to Scenario 1 of the migration guide:


i.e,, pdns server receives queries from users, serves them itself if
found in database and forwards to Internet otherwise.

If I have understood the migration guide correctly, in 4.1.0 every time
when a phone number is allocated/released, I would need to modify a text
file (forward-zones variable in recursor.conf or forward-zones-file) in
addition to updating pdns database.  If that is true, it would totally
nullify the benefit of PowerDNS, where DNS records can be stored in

I hope I misunderstood the migration guide.  If so, please let me know
how I can preserve the existing database only behavior in 4.1.0.

-- Juha

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