[Pdns-users] LUA records when behind the recursor

Guillaume Rozan grozan.pub at gmail.com
Sat Sep 29 12:17:47 UTC 2018


On my auth server I want to make use of the recently introduced LUA records
They are really great for me, as I have some records that should resolve
differently depending on the IP of the requestor

They look like this on my auth server
test.home    1       IN      LUA     A "view({ {{''},{''}},
{{''},{''}} })"

Everything works great if I query the auth server directly (the
machine will get '' as answer, and all the others get '')
I cannot have my auth server as my primary DNS server on my LAN clients,
though, cause otherwise they can't resolve external domains.
So I had to put the recursor in front of my auth server.
Now that I query the recusor, which in turn queries the auth server on my
behalf, the original IP of the requestor is "lost" and such rules do not
work anymore.

How could I use the LUA record functionality, as I am now forced to use the
recursor as my "frontend" ?

Thanks in advance


Note: everything running on Debian Stretch, installed using the Master repos
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