[Pdns-users] State of the LDAP Backend

Karsten Heymann karsten.heymann at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 08:36:57 UTC 2018


we are currently evaluating if using the LDAP backend with pdns 4.1
would be a viable solution for our authoritative dns servers (using
native mode). The reason we would it prefer ldap to a sql based
solution is that we have more operative experience with ldap
replication than we have with mysql/mariadb replication. We want to
use the powerdns api and a api web frontend (probably

https://doc.powerdns.com/md/authoritative/backend-ldap/ states:

 "As of PowerDNS Authoritative Server 4.0.0, the LDAP backend is fully

But I've set up a proof of concept server, imported a zone with
zone2ldap and got mixed results:

* Querying the zone with dns works without problems
* pdnsutil commands do not work consistently. Neither list-all-zones
nor create-zone nor add-entry work, some with an error message, some
failing silently. show-zone and list-zone seem to work. I could not
find a list of features that are supposed to work with the ldap
* What backends have write support for pdnsutil/the api? Only the sql backends?

It would be really helpful if the backend documentation would list the
amount of api support as well, as it would make it easier to decide
whether a backend has sufficient features.

Best regards,

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