[Pdns-users] Increment SOA programmatically?

Tom Ivar Helbekkmo tih at hamartun.priv.no
Wed Nov 7 06:40:19 UTC 2018

MRob <mrobti at insiberia.net> writes:

> So... any to help on this below keeping in mind I use autoserial?

Yeah, Daniel Miller already told you what's wrong and how to fix it.

>>> pdnsutil increase-serial example.org
>> Error: Parsing record content (try 'pdnsutil check-zone'): missing
>> field at the end of record content 'ns.example.org contact at example.org
>> 0'

The "missing field at the end" means it's looking for more fields than
you've put there.  Daniel suggested:

> ns.example.org contact at example.org 2018110601 86400 7200 604800 300
> Instead of a simple 0 - suggest using a datestamp and starting with
> today's config.  But the other parameters aren't optional (though you
> should adjust for your needs).

If you want to use autoserial, you set the serial number itself to 0, as
you say, so then you get something like:

ns.example.org contact at example.org 0 86400 7200 604800 300

As Daniel said, the other parameters aren't optional (and the above
values for them are just (reasonable) suggestions).

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