[Pdns-users] DDNS with ClientSubnet(EDNS) not working

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Sun Mar 18 14:08:04 UTC 2018


trying to get DDNS working.

Works fine unless I am using EDNS with ClientSubnet.

My setup is:

client -> dnsdist (server A) -> dnsdist (server B) -> pdns (server B).

I am using "useClientSubnet" on both dnsdist instances.

When set, pdns does not react to update messages at all. I compiled 
using the debug flag to get additional output. But everything I can see is:

Received a packet 219 bytes long from
Received a packet 219 bytes long from
Received a packet 219 bytes long from
(multiple times because of retires).

When I disable useClientSubnet it works as expected.
I even did a capture to compare the packets and the difference is only 
in the additional records:
When it works:
1 additional record with type TSIG, class ANY
When it does not work:
3 additional  records with a) type TSIG, class ANY b) type OPT with 
client subnet c) type OPT with client subnet.

Might there be a bug which prevents DDNS from working when there are 
other EDNS records? Or am I missing anything regarding the DNS 
At least it is suspicious that there is no further output after 
"Received a packet 219 bytes long from"...

I am using:
client: Raspbian with ddclient 3.8.3
server A: Arch (up2date) with "dnsdist 1.2.1 (Lua 5.3.4) Enabled 
features: dnscrypt libsodium protobuf re2 systemd"
server B: Gentoo (up2date) with "PDNS 4.1.1, Features: botan2.3 sodium 
openssl lua verboselog"

Thanks and best regards!

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