[Pdns-users] cname replacement

Brian Candler b.candler at pobox.com
Thu Jun 28 10:06:45 UTC 2018

On 28/06/2018 10:13, Steffan Noord wrote:
> Thanxs,
> I did find that but down understand what i have to do.
> I have upgraded one dns server for testing
> I added: /etc/pdns/pdns.conf
> And add expand*-*alias*=*yes
Have you configured it to point to a resolver as well? For testing, maybe

will do, or you can use a local instance of powerdns recursor (the 
example in the guide shows [::1]:5300, assuming that you're running pdns 
recursor on the same box but listening on a non-standard port 5300 so as 
not to clash)

> Created a record:
> plate-assets.com  ALIAS www.plate-assets.com
> Restarted pdns
> dig plate-assets.com ANY @ns3.tikklik.com
> but no record
> only the NS records

These are the NS records of plate-assets.com:

plate-assets.com.    172800    IN    NS    ns1.tikklik.nl.
plate-assets.com.    172800    IN    NS    ns2.tikklik.nl.
plate-assets.com.    172800    IN    NS    ns3.tikklik.com.

So is ns3.tikklik.com the nameserver you are testing on?

$ dig @ns3.tikklik.com version.bind chaos txt
version.bind.        5    CH    TXT    "PowerDNS Authoritative Server 
4.1.3 (built May 24 2018 13:07:58 by buildbot at 908e810129e1)"

That looks reasonable.

 > Im nut running my own resolvers, im using the resolvers of my daacenter

What does that resolver return when you query for www.plate-assets.com ?


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