[Pdns-users] Supporting ALIAS Records with DNSSEC specially with powerDNS-Admin as managment tool

Brian Candler b.candler at pobox.com
Tue Jul 24 07:05:41 UTC 2018

On 24/07/2018 07:21, Mohamad F. Barham wrote:
> and I Editted powerDNS-Admin to Support ALIAS,
> Now What I want is to make these domains ALIASES 
> (bzu.ps,birzeit.edu.ps, birzeit.ps) for this domain (birzeit.edu)
> where shoud I insert the ALIAS records? In which format?

I think you've misunderstood what ALIAS does.

ALIAS does not mirror an entire domain.  ALIAS is pseudo 
resource-record, which expands to the dynamic lookup of another resource 

It's typically used at the apex of a zone, where you might like to 
insert a CNAME but you're not allowed to: CNAME cannot exist alongside 
any other resource type, including NS and SOA.

; not allowed
@    NS    ns1.mydomain.com.
@    NS    ns2.mydomain.com.
@    CNAME    web1.cloudhost.com.

; solution
@    NS    ns1.mydomain.com.
@    NS    ns2.mydomain.com.
@    ALIAS    web1.cloudhost.com.

When someone looks up an A record for mydomain.com, they will get the A 
record(s) for web1.cloudhost.com, which are dynamically looked up (via 
the configured resolver) but returned as if they were stored in the 
authoritative server.

See: https://doc.powerdns.com/authoritative/guides/alias.html



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