[Pdns-users] Notify Error

shaolin shlnwushu at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 22:50:16 UTC 2018

I've recently set up a new pdns master server and I am trying to notify to
a third party.

I am queueing up a test notify and it queues fine but results in this error

Jul  2 16:12:49 <hostname> pdns[55361]: Received unsuccessful notification
report for '<zone>' from <ipv4_address>:53, error: Not Implemented
Jul  2 16:12:49 <hostname> pdns[55361]: Removed from notification list:
'<zone>' to <ipv4_address>:53 Not Implemented

I saw Not implemented in some of the server code but it's not immediately
clear to me what it's telling me.

Is it something not implemented on my side or the receiver?

Scott D
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