[Pdns-users] Intermittent recursion failure due to timeout

David opendak at shaw.ca
Tue Jan 23 23:11:03 UTC 2018

On 2018-01-23 2:00 PM, Brian T wrote:
> My recursor config has 'network-timeout' set to 5500ms (instead of the 
> default 1500ms), so I can understand the "timeout resolving after 
> 5535.35msec" message, but I was surprised by the timestamps of the 
> messages all being the same.  Are these messages flushed to syslog all 
> at once or is the timeout really happening immediately?

This seems excessive. If the reply hasn't come in 1500ms what 
expectations do you have that it will arrive within 5500ms?

> Aside from the timing question, can anyone offer any insight about this 
> sequence of events that lead up to the timeout?  Would this "just" 
> indicate a network or transport layer issue or is there anything in the 
> events leading up to the timeout that look suspicious?  This has been 
> happening about 10-15 times per day and started happening on Jan 18th.  
> I see similar timeouts to 3 other sites, but this one most frequently.
> Lastly, is there any way to retry here?  I'd rather lower the network 
> timeout and attempt a retry if possible.
> This is version 4.1.0
> Thanks
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> Brian Talley
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