[Pdns-users] Getting deviceId & additional EDNS values into protobuf in recursor

Mangesh Bhamre mangesh at netsequre.net
Mon Feb 5 13:59:49 UTC 2018

Hello PowerDNS team,

Thanks for great product!

I wish to store DNS queries to DB for reporting. Using protobufServer
settings, I am able to get protobuf message. However, I wish to add
deviceId (or additional EDNS values).

I am adding device macaddr & cpe-id using dnsmasq. I am able to get these
values in preresolve lua script as shown below.

 local macaddr=dq:getEDNSOption(65073)
 local cpeid=dq:getEDNSOption(65074)

I am having a problem with getting these EDNS values to protobuf message.
Either I should be able to update deviceID in preresolve (which I am not )
or add EDNS values in some way.

I also tried addPolicyTags API, however, that does not forward the values.

Any help here will be greatly appreciated.

Using: PowerDNS 4.1.1 on Ubuntu. Logstash as protobuf receiver.

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