[Pdns-users] Weird behavior with non-terminals

azurit at pobox.sk azurit at pobox.sk
Fri Dec 14 13:19:09 UTC 2018


recently, i noticed that slave PowerDNS servers are adding NULL  
records into database after AXFR. I found the explanation here  

Also, i noticed one quite a big problem with non-terminals - they are  
causing that master and slave are having different behavior while  
resolving wildcard subdomains. Imagine this zone:

example.com A
*.example.com A

With only this, both master and slave (running PowerDNS) will be able  
to resolve this hostname:

Now add this record:
test.two.example.com A

After AXFR, slave will add non-terminal record for two.example.com AND  
stops resolving two.example.com and *.two.example.com (with NOERROR  
but empty answer). Master continues resolving everything. Is this  
intended behaviour? PowerDNS 4.0.3.


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