[Pdns-users] NOTIFY response timeout value? (repeat NOTIFY slave error)

MRob mrobti at insiberia.net
Fri Dec 7 17:10:25 UTC 2018

NOTIFY 3sec timeout is hardcoded? ANyone please confirm?

On 2018-12-05 18:43, MRob wrote:
> Hello, when supermaster send NOTIFY for large number of domain I think
> some NOTIFYs get re-sent. On first time slave setup that cause errors
> so I was looking do pdns have setting to delay re-NOTIFY timeout?
> Loglevel 6 doesnt say "no response so I will re-notify" however I see
> hint of two notify response in master:
> 01:19:53 Queued notification of domain 'example.org' to
> 01:19:57 Removed from notification list: 'example.org' to
> (was acknowledged)
> 01:20:13 Received spurious notify answer for 'example.org' from 
> 01:20:31 AXFR happen successfully
> 01:20:45 Received unsuccessful notification report for 'example.org'
> from, error: Server Failure
> 01:20:45 Received spurious notify answer for 'example.org' from 
> Slave show in logs 2 NOTIFY, notice time of number 2 is 1sec before
> than which master said "removed from notify list (acknowledged)":
> 01:19:54 Received NOTIFY for example.org from for which we are
> not authoritative
> 01:19:56 Received NOTIFY for example.org from for which we are
> not authoritative
> 01:20:13 Created new slave zone 'example.org' from supermaster
> 01:20:31 AXFR happen successfully
> 01:20:44 Database error trying to create example.org for potential
> supermaster Database error trying to insert new domain
> 'example.org.': Could not execute mysql statement: insert into domains
> (type,name,master,account,last_check,notified_serial)
> values(?,?,?,?,NULL,NULL): Duplicate entry 'example.org' for key
> 'name_index'
> So I guess master wait 3sec for NOTIFY acknowledge then send
> re-NOTIFY. On slave setup causing database error. Look like operation
> is normal after so I can ignore but I wonder if there may be setting
> to increase timeout?

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