[Pdns-users] Auto update of Recursor forward list from Authoritative

Ed Santora ed_santora at harvard.edu
Fri Aug 17 13:36:24 UTC 2018

I feel like I missing something in my set up. I have one master
Authoritative instance and two slaves, set up with 'super master'. New
zones and records get transferred to the slaves as expected.

I have two Recursors forwarding to the two slaves and a few external
nameservers. We have a lot of local domains, so I list the slaves first,
then the external nameservers. Queries for our local domains resolve
instantly, however, there is a significant lag in external resolution.

Is there some Lua script that can update the Recursors' forwarded zones
list, via the API, when new local domains are added? Or, is there some
other method recommended that I missed? Google has been unusually unhelpful.

We are using versions 4.1 of the Authoritative and Recursor servers.



Ed Santora, Sr Systems Architect/Engineer
Harvard University, Division of Continuing Education
Cambridge, MA 02138
E-mail: ed_santora at harvard.edu
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