[Pdns-users] rec_control dump-cache not dumping to file

Eric Raymond ecraymond at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 19:37:11 UTC 2018


I have found this to be not working in 4.1.X releases, and havent tried in
any other branch.
Perhaps I am misunderstanding the command, but it appears to do nothing

# rec_control dump-cache /tmp/cache-dump
dumped 1970 records

# ls -l /tmp/cache-dump
ls: cannot access /tmp/cache-dump: No such file or directory

I verified that the file is non-existent before running, and still is
non-existent after.  Am I missing something?

Even the version flag doesnt seem to work

[eraymond at infdcpdns02:~] $ rec_control ---version
syntax: rec_control [options] command, options as below:
  .. output truncated
        Show the version of this program

In addition, 'rec_control help' can be used to retrieve a list
of available commands from PowerDNS

I am running from the rpm repo with pdns-recursor-4.1.2-1pdns.el7.x86_64

Any help appreciated

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