[Pdns-users] RRSet

Michael Van Der Beek michael.van at antlabs.com
Tue Apr 24 02:59:42 UTC 2018

Hi All,

I have a question.
In PDNS Server, there is an option no-shuffle which if turned on records with multiple records always return in order.
For example.
A.test.com          A   
A.test.com          A   

If queried for A.test.com it returns in order of records as stored in the DB ( I am using mysql).

Now, my question, is it possible to do this on specific URL basis vs global.

In named, there is a rrset-order(A.test.com) in which only A.test.com returns in order and the rest of the records return in random order.

How can I achieve something similar to this with pdns-server?

Thanks for your time.

I've research the mailing list way back 8+  years ago. There was a discussion on this. But the links to the solution no longer exists.
Can anyway tell me if there is a new solution?


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