[Pdns-users] Very odd negative cache behaviour for world-gen.g.aaplimg.com

Matthias Cramer matthias.cramer at iway.ch
Tue Oct 31 15:41:05 UTC 2017

Hi Remi

I found out that when I set dnssec to false the it seams to work much better. Also setting minimum-ttl-override to 60 helps a lot, even When dnssec is enabled but only on 3 of 4

Can you give me a hint how I can get all the queries you are looking for logged?

Attached is a log which loglevel of 3 and quiet=no and a trace to the domain in question via "rec_control trace-regex 'world-gen\.g\.aaplimg\.com'"



On 31/10/17 15:57, Remi Gacogne wrote:
> Hello Matthias,
> On 10/31/2017 03:40 PM, Matthias Cramer wrote:
>> We do see no evidence in the log why the record has been put into the negative cache!
> Any chance you could post the full log between the two queries, or at
> least every query under world-gen.g.aaplimg.com?
> Best regards,
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