[Pdns-users] wpad filtering

Mario Caruso caruso at tiscali.com
Thu Nov 30 10:52:06 UTC 2017

I am trying to write a lua rule to somehow filter/capture 
the wpad  like dq.qname (http://allievi.sssup.it/techblog/archives/81)

in my test environment (debian stretch and recursor version 
4.1.0~rc3-1pdns.stretch) I have this rule : 

   -- US-CERT TA16-144A.
      if (dq.qname:isPartOf(newDN("wpad")))
         dq.rcode = 0
         dq:addAnswer(pdns.A, "")
         return true;

but this doesn't seem to work, maybe I am misinterpreting
the isPartOf method , or maybe I should use :toString and 
then use lua pattern matching.

Can anyone give me a suggestion ? 

Also I would like to ask to the list : 

are you filtering wpad requests ? 
if yes are you using this method ?

thank you

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