[Pdns-users] Question about logging changes

Dirk Bartley dirk at rustyloon.net
Tue Nov 28 16:02:15 UTC 2017


I have been asked to look at some options for assisting my employer to
alter the way our internal dns is served.  One of the features being
requested is the ability to log the who, what and when of all changes
to the data that dns is serving.  Of course when I search for change
logging, I get the change logs of the code.  Would there be a better
phrase than "change log" to search for.  Is this the kind of feature
that already exists, or is this the kind of feature that would be
better accomplished by writing a front end that we would force everyone
here to use that does the update.  We are considering using LDAP as a
backend for the dns service.

All assistance is appreciated.  Thank you very kindly in advance.

Dirk Bartley

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