[Pdns-users] Dynamic DNS questions

Ovidiu Aron ovi.aron at gmail.com
Tue May 30 19:28:32 UTC 2017


I am new to the list and I apologize if these questions were asked before.

Trying to set up 4.0.3 dynamic registration and although I can see 
server registering I am not clear on how the registration, update and 
scavenging works.

I do not see a timestamp added to change_date field on records table, 
and whenever a second registration attempt comes in I do not see 
anything changing.

Looking at dynamic registration for a reverse lookup zone, if a new 
server picked up a previously registered IP it registers it again and 
two entries are in the reverse lookup zone.

I was looking for documentation on dynamic registration but I could not 
find any.

I would appreciate any help or suggestion.



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