[Pdns-users] Anycast DNS

Mark Scholten mark at streamservice.nl
Wed May 3 14:22:08 UTC 2017

Hello Alejandro,


Based on my limited experience with anycast and DNS. So please correct me if I’m wrong.


-          You don’t need to migrate to a different backend for anycast.

-          EDNS is not a requirement for anycast.

-          Your version will probably work with anycast, however upgrading to the latest version could be a good idea.

-          You don’t need to update your NS records for anycast.

-          Enabling IPv6 is always a good idea!


Do you run your own network? Do you have the same IP space available at multiple locations? This is important for anycast.


PS. If possible I would suggest to upgrade to the latest PowerDNS version and also look into DNSsec.


Kind regards,


Mark Scholten


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Hi folks,


We are an small ISP and we have PoweDNS Authoritative and Recursor + Dnsdist working perfectly.


My versions:

Authoritative à               3.4.7-1  with mysql-server-5.5 (replicating DB over mysql-replication)

Recursor à                        3.7.3-1

Dnsdist à                           1.1.0-1


I’m interested to migrate our current schema to be able to do AnyCast DNS or GSLB (not sure about my best option). We have servers on two different countries but the plan points to that we are going to add more DNS servers on other countries.


I know that for this I need to change our routers configuration, adding some NAT translations, but (for the rest):

·         Do I need to migrate my backend (GMySQL)to a GeoIP one?

·         Do I need to activate EDNS.

·         Am I required to update the latest versions? 

·         Maybe I just need to update my domain NS records on my domain provider to force an update on the root servers …  (just for authoritative queries).

·         Could be a god moment to enable ipv6!


Sincerely … I’m starting to think that I just need to replicate the Infrastructure server (auth + recursor) on all places (I mean CPD’s) we have available and just add some configuration on routers … 


I have no much experience (or nothing) with AnyCast … so, after reading a while … I ask you, I’m sure one of you can share a bit of his experience.


Thanks a lot mates.


Alejandro Adroher.




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