[Pdns-users] Question on APIs

Diego Bellini Diego.Bellini at Exponential-e.com
Mon Mar 20 17:43:11 UTC 2017

Hi all,
I have started to read documentation and play with power dns API

However I can find any help on internet on how to do the following action (if it is possible of course)

Let say I have some A records  under the zone example.org

1) I would like to find all the A records whose name contain a fixed-string
2) I would like to find all the A records whose content is a fixed-string (in case of A record, this means to look for all the A records that have the same IP)

I know that maybe I could use
URL: /api/v1/servers/localhost/search-data?q=:search_term&max=:max_results

But I can't work out how to make it working

Could anyone give me an example or a link where I could find them?
Or If you have any other idea on how to do the above via api, I would love some suggestions

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