[Pdns-users] Reverse PTR

Délsio Cabá delsio at gmail.com
Tue Jun 27 12:54:03 UTC 2017


We need to follow the below instructions for BIND.
How can we do this with PDNS?

If you are using Bind, once you have defined a naming convention for a
portion of your space you can use the powerful $GENERATE directive
(described in the Bind 9 manual) to define several records with a
single line. For instance, you can write in the
100.51.198.in-addr.arpa zone file:

   $ORIGIN 100.51.198.in-addr.arpa.
   $GENERATE 1-254 $ PTR adsl-$-100-51-198.dynamic.example.net.

which is equivalent to 254 lines   PTR adsl-1-100-51-198.dynamic.example.net.
   ... PTR adsl-254-100-51-198.dynamic.example.net.

Do not forget to check that matching forward A records are defined in
the zone of example.net. This is very important because it "validates"
the rDNS information. You can define them with another $GENERATE
directive, like

   $ORIGIN dynamic.example.net.
   $GENERATE 1-254 adsl-$-100-51-198 A 198.51.100.$

which is equivalent to 254 lines

   adsl-1-100-51-198.dynamic.example.net.   A
   adsl-254-100-51-198.dynamic.example.net. A

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