[Pdns-users] pdns_control notify-host on NATIVE installation ?

scott McGillivray floriangray at mail.com
Thu Jun 8 04:34:41 UTC 2017


I have PDNS installed and using NATIVE only with MySQL backend. When i try to use pdns_control i receive this error: "PowerDNS not configured as master or slave with re-notifications"

Even though i manage the domains and internally we use native replication with mysql, on certain domains I need to send notify messages to external 3rd party to prompt them to AXFR.

Seems i can't do this with PowerDNS ? Either via the authoritative server settings or using the cli tool. 

And to make matters worse, the version of dig i have to hand doesn't support the +opcode option so i can't fudge it.

If I've overlooked a cmd switch or configuration option that will help me, please share. 

many thanks. 

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