[Pdns-users] PowerDNS and CNAMEs

Brian Candler b.candler at pobox.com
Fri Jul 21 17:24:00 UTC 2017

On 21/07/2017 18:07, Rune Sørensen wrote:
> I'm running pdns-server, as you guessed. I only enabled recursion, 
> because nslook complained when I hadn't enabled it.
> Would it be better to try to set up a recursor in front of 
> pdns-server, and then disable recursion on the server?

One doesn't "go in front" of the other, they are just separate.

Best practice is two separate servers:

- pdns-recursor is what your client machines use: they point to this in 
their DNS server settings, e.g. /etc/resolv.conf

- pdns-server is what you host your domains on: NS records in the parent 
domain point to this.

However if you're hosting your domains at cloudflare then you don't need 
pdns-server - unless you're using pdns-server as a hidden primary which 
cloudflare copies from? But I don't think you are, since you showed an 
example where your local pdns-server had different records than cloudflare.

I don't know what your use case is.  If you want a local DNS cache for 
clients to point at, then pdns-recursor is what you need.



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