[Pdns-users] zone templates

Fabian A. Santiago fsantiago at garbage-juice.com
Wed Jul 5 20:25:57 UTC 2017

July 5, 2017 4:18 PM, "Thiago Farina" <tfransosi at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Mon, Jun 26, 2017 at 6:22 PM, Fabian A. Santiago <fsantiago at garbage-juice.com> wrote:
>> What is the proper way to go about creating zone templates? Using Authoritative server 4.x.
>> poweradmin does it but they don't seem to work well. is it a function of what that tool did or does
>> pdns simply not like templates?
> Could you share what didn't work well?
> --Thiago Farina

when i last tried using the poweradmin template feature, it seemed to successfully create the zone with the appropriate records but when said zone was opened later via the command line (pdnsutil edit-zone), the editor, upon closing out of the zone, complained of syntax errors that i had to fix manually. i'd have to re-try it to determine the exact nature of the issue(s) i witnessed. standby. 



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