[Pdns-users] server with intermediate axfr host

Matt mail at xup.im
Sat Jul 1 18:53:25 UTC 2017

Hi all,

Wondering if anyone has any suggestions for something we’re trying to do.

We have powerdns for serving domains and replicating this via MySQL to other nodes. 

Ideally, we want to have a server install that acts as an AXFR host and communicates to our master node for clients that may want us to be secondary and nothing more. So the layout would be:

<Master> - <AXFR Host> - <Client Master>

For technical reasons, we can’t have the client connect directly to our master.

Although we use the NATIVE record type due to the database sync, we could use SLAVE on the master and then get that zone from the AXFR host. Technically this would appear to work.

However, we then need the AXFR host to willingly send that down, which would be OK if set to MASTER on the AXFR host but then, from what I have read, it won’t update the zone from the client master as it knows it is not a slave.

Any suggestions on how this could be possible would be greatly appreciated.


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