[Pdns-users] pdns << free-ipa with external dns

stancs3 scruise56 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 03:25:58 UTC 2017

This starts as a free-ipa subject but ends in a pdns question, with
some in-addr.arpa delegation mysteries.

I am setting up free-ipa with an *external* dns server,

(ref: Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux-7-
Section 2.3.4 Installing a Server Without Integrated DNS)

I installed all records using poweradmin.

RHEL7 documentation indicates to: 

a) create a subdomain on the external dns server for the host on which
free-ipa is installed.

To this end I assumed that the records required are:

in master zone: example.com

ipa.example.com             NS   ns7.ipa.example.com

ns7.ipa.example.com         A                 #glue

in native zone: 1.168.192.in-addr.arpa:   PTR  ns7.ipa.example.com

**And not required is the delegation any in-addr.arpa zones, because I
am not delegating the management of dns to the ipa host (noted

b_1) on host ns7.ipa.example.com on which free-ipa is installed, be
able to dig the fqdn of the host and receive its ip address.

b_2) on host ns7.ipa.example.com on which free-ipa is installed, be
able to dig the ip address of ns7.ipa.example.com, and receive the fqdn
of host ns7.ipa.example.com.

With the records installed as in a) above, I can do b_1) and b_2).

c) So I proceeded with the free-ipa install. It worked smoothly.

d) Then I added all the SRV records that free-ipa provides from the

These I entered into the master zone: example.com.

>> free-ipa appears to work! But it's just a start; no clients yet.

My questions:

1. Is my placement of records in the master zones of example.com
correct? .....

2. instead of creating a new master subdomain zone of ipa.example.com;
but would that be correct, or just for convenience?

3. Forward and reverse dig works on ns7.ipa.example.com so the free-ipa 
installer was happy. But am I missing something regarding the

4. My references are RHE7 ref above, DNS and BIND Cookbook, Zytrax dns
for rocket scientists, and Adamw's 'happyassassin' blog of 2013:
"Where's my FreeIPA badge?".
With the exception of Adamw, all references and other blogs get mired
deeply in delegation of in-addr.arpa zones, CNAMES, etc. I don't think
I care because I am retaining dns management in example.com. I am not
delegating ip ranges for management by free-ipa. 

Is my assessment true?

5. I guess I am suspicious that free-ipa installed so easily; I don't
want to get way downstream and then find out that dns was a mess to
begin with.



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