[Pdns-users] pdns-recursor issue with resolving domains which placed on ns*.domaincontrol.com name servers

Maksym Pidlisnyi cryptspirit at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 13:24:39 UTC 2017

sure I did that

in full trace:
Feb 21 12:08:23 ip-172 pdns_recursor[3162]: [1] customersdomain.com.:
Trying IP, asking 'customersdomain.com.|A'
Feb 21 12:08:24 ip-172 pdns_recursor[3162]: [1] customersdomain.com.:
timeout resolving
Feb 21 12:08:24 ip-172 pdns_recursor[3162]: [1] customersdomain.com.:
Failed to resolve via any of the 2 offered NS at level 'customersdomain.com
Feb 21 12:08:24 ip-172 pdns_recursor[3162]: [1] customersdomain.com.:
failed (res=-1)
Feb 21 12:08:24 ip-172 pdns_recursor[3162]: 0 [1] answer to question
'customersdomain.com.|A': 0 answers, 0 additional, took 4 packets, 0
throttled, 2 timeouts, 0 tcp connections, rcode=2

tcpdump has only requests from pdns to ns*.domaincontrol.com name servers.
there were not any responses
why dig works but pdns doesn't? o_0

I can't increase query timeout for 3.3 version

On Tue, Feb 21, 2017 at 1:13 AM, David <opendak at shaw.ca> wrote:

> On 2017-02-20 2:00 PM, Максим Подлесный wrote:
>> In the log we had only:
>> Sending SERVFAIL to during resolve of '9p.com
>> <http://9p.com>.' because: Too much time waiting for 9p.com.|A,
>> timeouts: 1, throttles: 0, queries: 4, 6497msec
>> dig works fine but slow (about 5-6 sec for this domains)
> You may want to check a full trace to that example from your site and see
> all the timeouts, and/or tcpdump to prove it to yourself.
> They may also be rate limiting you if one of your clients is relaying a
> random subdomain attack against one of these domains.
> You'd need to increase two timeouts if you wanted to avoid this (the
> per-NS 1500ms one and the overall 7000ms query timeout). Most clients will
> give up after that long though, but hopefully a cache hit on the next try.
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