[Pdns-users] pdns 'native replication'

stancs3 scruise56 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 22:35:43 UTC 2017

With ref to pdns documentation, 'native replication' is defined as
replication that is taken care of by the backend sql db replication.
One then refers to the pdns servers as primary/secondary and not
master/slave. There no zone transfers etc.

I have this set up and working via postgresql replication. Therefore
the secondary pdns server is exactly the same as the primary, and I
have verfied this.

Here is my question:

Given that the secondary pdns server has exactly the same data as the
primary dns server, its SOA is also identical. Thus the SOA on the
secondary server indicates that the host is in fact the primary host,
e.g. ns1.example.com hostmaster.example.com ...... is the SOA on both.

Does this matter?

My guess is it does not matter; there is nothing one can do to change
it since the secondary pdns server is connected to the slave postgresql
server, and it is read only.


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