[Pdns-users] [Fwd: Re: DiG: Hopefully Final Thoughts..]

Brian Candler b.candler at pobox.com
Mon Feb 20 18:16:14 UTC 2017

On 20/02/2017 00:38, stancs3 wrote:
> I have attached the remaining thing I cannot resolve (no pun).
> 1. The test above the ===== line is:
> Recursor listening on port 53, forwarding to auth server listening on
> port 5300.
> Dig of NS replies with no Additional section.
> Dig of ns1 replies with the A record.
> 2. The test below the ===== line is:
> No recursor, auth server listening on port 53.
> Dig of NS replies with Additional section showing the A records for
> both NSs.

This is correct behaviour.

The "additional" section is for glue records, and they are only needed 
for a resolver talking to an authoritative server, and only in a special 
circumstance. They solve the chicken-and-egg problem: if you are 
resolving a name within domain EXAMPLE.COM, and the delegation is to 
NS1.EXAMPLE.COM, then you need to send the query to NS1.EXAMPLE.COM. But 
to send a packet, you need an address to send it to. And in order to 
find the address of NS1.EXAMPLE.COM you need to talk to the nameservers 

The glue records give a hint as to what addresses to try, when the 
delegation is to a nameserver whose name is within the zone being queried.

However, when a client is talking to a resolver, it does not need to see 
glue. It just sees the answer (or lack of answer).  It's the resolver's 
job to contact authoritative nameserver(s) on its behalf.



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