[Pdns-users] pdns_recursors trusts addtional section where it better shouldn't

Peter van Dijk peter.van.dijk at powerdns.com
Fri Feb 17 13:17:26 UTC 2017

Hello Thomas,

On 17 Feb 2017, at 14:15, Thomas Mieslinger wrote:

> On 17.02.17 13:56, Brian Candler wrote:
>> On 17/02/2017 12:53, Thomas Mieslinger wrote:
>>> With crafted glue in the tld zone and mailrelays using pdns_recursor
>>> you could redirect mail traffic.
>> If you have the ability to craft glue in the tld zone, surely you 
>> could
>> also just change the delegation outright??
> No, the idea is to create a new domain with malicious glue and then 
> send emails over the MXes to infiltrate. The MXes will do lookups, 
> which trigger the pdns_recursor cache poisoning.

You are confused. This is impossible.

> My employers customers called in because they couldn't send emails to 
> ovh MXes. If the broken domains would have been malicious and glue ips 
> with port 25 open, the MXes would have delivered the emails to them.

It would be very dumb of OVH to put malicious hosts in there. Why would 
they do such a thing?

> So do registries accept something like "mx00.t-online.de A 
>" as hostobject for a NS of a domain?


> In the case of .com/.net I have the feeling they accept all kind of 
> bullshit (see first mail of this thread)

No, they don’t. Only ovh.net can make hosts under ovh.net.

Kind regards,
Peter van Dijk
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