[Pdns-users] Fwd: pdns authoritative SERVERFAIL

Chris lists at shthead.com
Thu Feb 16 00:31:41 UTC 2017


On 16/02/2017 1:22 AM, Federico Olivieri wrote:
> Feb 15 17:17:56 UKLNDLABDMZ pdns_server[6709]: Feb 15 17:17:56 Backend
> reported permanent error which prevented lookup (GSQLBackend lookup
> query:Could not prepare statement: SELECT
> content,ttl,prio,type,domain_id,disabled,name,auth FROM records WHERE
> disabled=0 and type=? and name=?: Unknown column 'disabled' in 'field
> list'), aborting
..... SNIP .....
> /mysql> select * from records;/
> /+----+-----------+-----------------------+------+--------------------------------------+-------+------+-------------+/
> /| id | domain_id | name                  | type | content
>                | ttl   | prio | change_date |/
> /+----+-----------+-----------------------+------+--------------------------------------+-------+------+-------------+/

The MySQL schema you have seems to be incorrect. The correct schema is: 

It is missing a number of fields.

If you used the schema from an older version of PowerDNS this will be 
why. At a guess you are using a Schema for PowerDNS 3.3.1 or lower. See 
this page for the DB changes:


Pay attention to the different sets of queries that can be ran for 
DNSSEC/no DNSSEC if you use those queries to upgrade the schema to suite 
the newer version.

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