[Pdns-users] remote backend questions

Jeff Weber jweber at cofront.net
Fri Feb 10 23:07:38 UTC 2017

I've been working on implementing a remote backend and I've got a few
questions now that I've gotten far enough along that queries are
answered with my initial attempts.

I'm using the http connector and I've noticed that the documentation
in a few places talks about a domain-id being passed. For example:

GET /dnsapi/list/-1/example.com HTTP/1.1
X-RemoteBackend-domain-id: -1

When I implement this query I never see the domain id passed in the
arguments list or as a header.

Looking at the remote backend unit tests they don't seem to account
for the domain id being in the path here, is it a bug in the
documentation or have a missed something else?

Separately I've noticed when I query the rest api on one of my systems
backed by sqlite that the id comes back as a string for the domain
with a trailing dot. Based on the source code for the remote backend
requires the domain id be an integer so I can't use this method.

Is it safe to ignore the concept of domain id with respect to the
remote backend if I'll never be using the powerdns rest api to
manipulate records and only to answer queries?

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