[Pdns-users] Dig: zone queries are not answered without the ANY flag

Nikolaos Milas nmilas at admin.noa.gr
Fri Dec 15 11:15:13 UTC 2017

Hello Pieter,

Today I downgraded to Auth Server 4.0.3 and, voila!, everything works fine:

[root at vdns ~]# rpm -qa | grep pdns

[root at vdns ~]# pdnsutil check-zone noa.gr
Dec 15 12:54:15 Reading random entropy from '/dev/urandom'
Dec 15 12:54:15 [LdapBackend] Ldap connection succeeded
Dec 15 12:54:15 [LdapBackend] Ldap connection succeeded
Dec 15 12:54:15 [bind-bkend2backend] Parsing 1 domain(s), will report 
when done
Dec 15 12:54:15 [bind-bkend2backend] Done parsing domains, 0 rejected, 1 
new, 0 removed
Checked 1098 records of 'noa.gr', 0 errors, 0 warnings.

So, as I have suspected, there exists some bug, probably in 
pdns-backend-ldap, introduced in v4.0.4 and existing continuously 

AXFRs with slaves work fine now, but I cannot upgrade from v4.0.3, since 
all versions thereafter do not work correctly; I have tried each one of 

Please identify the bug and correct it.

Should I create a bug report to the bug tracker (at 
https://github.com/PowerDNS/pdns/issues) ?


On 15/12/2017 11:50 πμ, Pieter Lexis wrote:

> That is pretty damning. Can you check your data in LDAP to see if this 
> data is indeed (not) there?

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