[Pdns-users] Speeding up the slave request

bloat list bloat at grounded.net
Thu Dec 7 16:50:39 UTC 2017

I have a master slave setup which seems to have gotten messed up with the upgrade. 

It seems the main problem I have is that the master is unable to contact the slave and the slave is no longer checking for updates. On both, I have slave-cycle-interval set to 60.

I see this error in the master logging;

'Received NOTIFY for domain.com from <snip> but slave support is disabled in the configuration'

I am posting for help because I am not the dns admin and am trying to fix this on my own right now since we don't have the budget to hire help. 

Thanks for any leads, input you can offer and I am happy to post what ever additional information is needed if I have failed to post something important.

poweradmin 2.1.7

pdns 4.0.5-1pdns.el7
pdns-backend-mysql 4.0.5-1pdns.el7
pdns-recursor 3.7.4-1.el7

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