[Pdns-users] API functionality with ldap backend in 4.1.0

Grégory Oestreicher greg at kamago.net
Mon Dec 4 23:24:48 UTC 2017

Hi Dirk,

Le 04/12/2017 à 17:46, Dirk Bartley a écrit :
> The ldap data is the output of pdns-zone2ldap.
> curl -v -H 'X-API-Key: abc'
> returns an empty set of zones.  I have watched the slapd logs and noticed that
> when the above curl command is run, powerdns connects to slapd, but performs no
> searches.

Yup, that's a bug. Well, a missing feature. Digging into this it turns 
out that the backend does not reimplement getAllDomains(), which is 
required to list all zones. I'll create a PR to add this to the backend.

> So my question is should the api functionality correctly function with ldap
> backend, or is this still a work in process.

I expect it to at least work read-only, but it's obviously a WIP and the 
API is not an area that I've played with much. As it's a "new" feature I 
have no idea which version this will land in though.

> Is there something more I need to
> do.

If you could be so kind as to file a bug report so that I don't forget 
about this it'd be much appreciated.


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