[Pdns-users] AXFR from PowerDNS 4.0.4 to PowerDNS 3.4.11

Steve Zeng steve.zeng at booking.com
Thu Aug 31 17:39:03 UTC 2017


We have a DNS chain as below:

BIND 9.8.2 (master) -> PowerDNS 4.0.4 + MySQL backend (slave) -> PowerDNS 3.4.11 + bind backend (slave)

The initial AXFR working as expected. both PowerDNS slaves got zone transfer successfully.

However, when I did further testing by increasing serial number on BIND master, the first slave (PowerDNS 4.0.4) got notified and serial number increased accordingly. The second slave (PowerDNS 3.4.11) do not get notified at all. 

I have the following AXFR settings:

BIND master
also-notify <IP_OF_PowerDNS 4.0.4>

PowerDNS 4.0.4 slave
allow-axfr-ips=<IP_OF_PowerDNS 3.4.11>
also-notify=<IP_OF_PowerDNS 3.4.11>

PowerDNS 3.4.11 slave
allow-axfr-ips=<IP_OF_PowerDNS 4.0.4>
also-notify=<IP_OF_PowerDNS 4.0.4>

no firewall in between. can someone let me know what settings might be missing or wrong? 

I appreciate it. 



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