[Pdns-users] DNSSEC Expiry with slaves

Troy Kelly troy.kelly at really.ai
Thu Aug 24 02:05:48 UTC 2017

Thank you in advance for your advice, I'm sure this is a simple one - I
just can't find anything that seems to resolve our issue.

We recently implemented DNSSEC, and then more recently had several of the
RRSIG's expire - and those domains become unoperational.

We use PowerDNS as a stealth master, with public nameservers supplied by
one of our infrastructure providers.

Where we don't make regular changes to the domain - we are going to keep
experiencing this expiry issue.

Is there some (cron job?) solution that we can implement to roll over and
notify a domain before the RRSIG's expire?

I had thought of a weekly pdnsutil increase-serial for every domain - but
it seems like a real kludge of a solution.

Cheers, Troy

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